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Potassium Rich Bananas Fruit addition

No doubt that the benefits of bananas very much . Benefits Fruits For Health  One of them , bananas are high in potassium is beneficial in regulating body fluid electrolyte balance charge . Even a research supports the notion that the banana is better than sports drinks , because it produces natural energy for body fitness . According to the study , cyclists who ate bananas compared to cyclists who drank sports drinks have abundant durability and better .

One medium-sized banana contains only 422 milligrams of potassium , 11 % of 4700 mg of potassium adult needs everyday. But there are many other fruits besides bananas that can provide a high source of potassium . So for those of you who do not eat bananas , no fruit other than bananas 5 alternatives that can provide a source of potassium , which are:

1 . date
Grain palm fruit has a large enough potassium content , which is 167 milligrams . What if we consume more than 5 eggs a day ? Of course, the fruit is rich in fiber can match the amount of potassium in bananas .

2 . avocado
It also contains high potassium . Just one avocado contains 975 milligrams of potassium , or more than half of the content of potassium in bananas .

3 . Dried apricots
Perhaps many of you are familiar with this one fruit . Golden fruit that comes from the north and west of mainland China or Central Asia are not rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C , but also contains potassium which is quite high . Dried apricots ( through the drying process ) contains 257 milligrams of potassium per quarter cup serving .

4 . Cantaloupe
Cantaloupe or that we are familiar with orange melon contains potassium which is quite high . One serving of this fresh fruit ( 134 grams ) contains 358 milligrams of potassium . Exaggerating a little portion then you will get an equivalent amount of potassium a banana .

5 . papaya
This fruit often found in Indonesia . Although the price is affordable , but the papaya provides many benefits for health . Besides high in fiber , Papaya is also high in potassium . A piece of papaya has a size of 2.5 cm as much as 264 milligrams of potassium content . By adding another piece , then you will get much more than the amount of potassium of bananas .

For those of you who do not like the banana , the fifth such fruits may be able to try to meet the needs of potassium daily . Good luck ..

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