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How to Eliminate Warts Naturally

How to remove warts – If there is a lump of flesh that grows on the skin , it could be a wart . Benefits Fruits For Health Warts are growths caused by HPV ( Human Papilloma Virus ) , and this happens due to thickening of the outer layer of skin is excessive . Warts are not painful, but its existence is quite annoying and can cause embarrassment anyway . Warts can grow anywhere on the body . The shape and size of the warts quite varied ranging from small to large .

There are several ways to eliminate warts that appear on the skin surface of the body , depending on the level of risk of harm . If warts are dangerous , usually bleed when touched . And if you are like this , most people usually take the path of surgery to remove the wart . Moreover , how to remove warts can also be done with natural and traditional way .
Here are some ways to eliminate warts naturally :

1 . vinegar
Vinegar is a weak acid type frequently encountered as a spice in cooking . Warts can be treated with vinegar . This is because vinegar has ingredients that can damage tissue growth can even remove warts warts up by the roots .

The way is easy that with a drop of vinegar on cotton and rub on the wart . Do this until 3-4 weeks the warts can be separated by their roots . The pain due to the use of vinegar is not unusual for the sake of removing warts .

2 . Betel lime and Flick Soap / Detergent
How the use of whiting and a dab of soap this is how to remove warts that are commonly used by the people . Whiting and a dab of soap if both are mixed or combined to dry the wart layer . When diligently applied , warts can be separated up to the roots . How?

Combine 1/4 teaspoon of betel leaf with 1/4 teaspoon of soap ( ratio 1:1 ) , and then apply the mixture to the wart with a cotton bud . Wait until dry , then rinse with warm water . Perform this process several times until the wart disappears completely . If the wart is gone , rub the wart with a piece of used antiseptic like bethadine in order to dry the wound .

3 . Daun Dewa
Leaves gods of our ancestors often used as relievers moles, scars cuts, and warts .

The trick is to prepare 5 leaves god then washed with warm water until clean . Furthermore milled until smooth and then smeared the deities mill leaves contained in the wart . After the dressing with gauze so that the mill is not falling .

4 . Jali seeds
How to remove warts with seeds jali probably less familiar to you , but the seed jali quite efficacious in removing warts .

Prepare jali dried beans by 15 to 60 grams and 6 cups water . The trick , jali boiled beans with 6 cups of water . Let stand until the water reaches 2 cups saj shrink . Filter the cooking water and drink 2 times a day , drink 1 cup every time .

So how to remove warts naturally and traditionally . Although warts are trivial problem , but should not be underestimated . Treat warts as soon as possible to avoid other dangers . Hopefully this article useful .

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