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Durian Fruit Benefits for Health Body

Durian is a fruit unique and controversial , ranging from the texture of the fruit , bark , until the aroma . Benefits Fruits For Health Many people who love this fruit , but not a few people even avoid it due to his scent for some people who can make them feel nauseous and disgusting . For fans of durian , the fruit flesh is thick and creamy . It was also too sweet and delicious . But in spite of all the controversy , the durian fruit offer many health benefits for the body , which are:

1 . Preventing and treating constipation ( Fiber 37 % )
Durian is rich in fiber , essential nutrients that can absorb water and facilitate the course of food towards the digestive system that helps smooth bowel movement on a regular basis . In addition , the fiber contained in durian fruit can also increase the size of the stool so that the effective mass of preventing and treating constipation .

2 . Helps prevent anemia ( 22 % Folate )
Anemia ( a blood disease , red blood cells is below normal ) is not always caused by a lack of iron in the body . Folate deficiency can also cause a type of anemia called pernicious anemia . Puisi Ilmuini Folate , also called vitamin B9 , is needed to produce red blood cells . Durian fruit itself is one source of vitamin B9 .

3 . Improving the health of the skin ( Vitamin C 80 % )
Durian fruit contains vitamin C which is quite high . Vitamin C is an important factor in making collagen , an important protein found in the blood vessels , ligaments , tendons , bones , and skin . Vitamin C plays a major role in wound healing and maintaining healthy skin .

4 . Helps maintain healthy bones ( Potassium 30 % )
Durian is also rich in potassium . When talking about bone health , most people will focus on calcium . However , potassium is also an essential nutrient for bone , so eating durian fruit will provide benefits for bone health .

5 . Regulate blood sugar levels ( Mangan 39 % )
Durian fruit can help regulate blood sugar levels due to the manganese content in it .

6 . Help maintain thyroid function ( Copper 25 % )
Durian is a good source of copper . When talking about the thyroid gland , iodine may be the only nutrient that is often attributed to it . However , copper substances also play a role in thyroid metabolism , especially in hormone production and absorption . Thyroid gland function in regulating the body’s sensitivity to other hormones , makes proteins , and regulate the speed of the body in burning energy . Eating durian fruit would be beneficial in maintaining the function of the thyroid gland .

7 . Encourage appetite ( Thiamin 61 % )
Durian fruit is also rich in thiamine , a B vitamin that plays a role in stimulating appetite and helps produce hydrochloric acid in the stomach to aid in digestion of food .

8 . Helps relieve migraine ( Riboflavin 29 % )
Do you often experience a migraine ? Eating durian fruit can help relieve the pain of migraine . Riboflavin is vitamin B contained in durian , which can help relieve migraine headaches .

9 . Helps prevent depression ( Vitamin B6 38 % )
Durian contains vitamin B6 . Lack of vitamin B6 in the body can lead to depression . Studies have shown that patients who are depressed tend to have low vitamin B6 . Vitamin B6 is a nutrient that is essential in producing serotonin , a chemical that affects mood neorotransmitter .

10 . Instrumental in the formation of bones and teeth ( phosphorus )
Phosphorus is one of the nutrients contained in the fruit durian . Although calcium is the most well-known nutrients for bone health , calcium can not do the process of the formation of bones and teeth without phosphorus .

That’s some of the benefits of durian fruit for health . Eat in moderation and not excessive will provide good benefits for the body . But for those of you who have certain health conditions or problems such as gout , should consult a doctor before taking them . May be useful …

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