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Benefits of Papaya Fruit

Pineapple fruit may not be as popular fruits in general such as apples, oranges , or bananas . Benefits Fruits  Nevertheless , pineapple also has health benefits that are not less great with the fruit . Generally , pineapple fruit is often processed into jam or juice . For maximum benefit , you can also eat them directly in the fresh state like other fruits .
For health benefits of pineapple fruit

There are several benefits of pineapple fruit for health , and they are as follows :

prevent bloating
Pineapple contains bromelain , a substance that can help break down food so as to reduce bloating in the abdomen . In addition , these substances are also considered effective in reducing postoperative inflammation , reduce pain due to osteoarthritis , and help relieve swelling due to nasal sinusitis infection .

Helps prevent cancer
Carcinogenic contained in pineapple fruit is known to be effective in reducing the risk of cancer . Carcinogenic substances play a role in protecting the healthy cells in the body from damage . The number of damaged cells in the body can cause premature aging and encourage the arrival of various diseases .

Help bone health
Pineapple contains essential minerals such as calcium and manganese that can help maintain bone health and strengthens connective tissue . University of Maryland Medical Center says that manganese also plays a role in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates , helps the absorption of calcium , and regulate blood sugar . In addition , manganese plays an important role for maintaining nerve and brain function .

Prevent blood clots
Fruit that tastes sour – sweet and refreshing it can also prevent blood clotting . In addition, the pineapple fruit has a role in producing hemoglobin in the body . Pineapple contains copper , which is when the body lacks the substance can lead to anemia , decreased white blood cell levels , thyroid problems , and osteoporosis .

Against free radicals
Pineapple contains vitamin C which is very high . World ‘s Healthiest Foods notes that vitamin C is an antioxidant plays an important role in helping to protect the body from free radical damage . In addition , vitamin C can also help reduce the risk of atheroclerosis , colon cancer , and reduces inflammation in joint diseases .

Other benefits of pineapple :

In addition to strengthening bones , minerals contained in pineapple can help strengthen the gums and teeth, and keep it healthy .
Just like carrots , pineapple also contains beta-carotene which is useful in improving the quality of vision .
Pineapple fruit contains fiber and micronutrients that can give the effect of fuller longer . So indirectly , pineapple can help to control and lose weight .

That’s some of the benefits of pineapple fruit for health . If you have certain conditions such as allergies or diabetes , you should consult your doctor first before eating pineapple .

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